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We have collaborated with Jacqui Fink to produce our #knitwell collection. This collection features our gorgeous cashmere yarns - Grace Super Chunky and Aran. The KPC team travelled all the way to Mongolia to visit the origins of where our cashmere is produced and spun. We visited the cashmere farm in Inner Mongolia, as well as the spinning mill, which specializes in cashmere yarns.

Our cashmere farmer with one of his cute cashmere goats (and his dog). Cashmere goats being herded.
Collected cashmere hair, ready to be washed.
The soft coat of a fine-haired cashmere goat.

Yummy - feeding time for the cashmeres.
Rosie with the wife of the farm owner, who runs the whole farm.

Inside a modern Mongolian yurt.
A baby cashmere goat, about to dig into some dried hay.
Our lovely farmer ready to feed the goats.
Quality control of the cashmere, at the spinning mill.
A farmer’s lunch – what a feast.
Our farmer hand cutting the hair of a cashmere goat, to ensure high quality, fine cashmere. Cashmere sliver: a bundle of cashmere fibre, ready to be spun into yarn.

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